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Emergence Complexity WIKI

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Welcome to IAT 401 Electronic Culture: Complexity, Identity, Society



This section of the ArtCamp WIKI is IAT 401 Electronic Culture, a 4th year undergraduate course at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, SFU Surrey. So to all ArtCamp participants …


This course applies an understanding of ‘emergence’ or ‘ground up evolution’ to investigate identity formation and social practices that are emerging on the world wide web. These key ideas will be set within a holistic notion of the interconnectedness of natural, technological and cultural systems in a complex ecology. The course involves practical exploration of tools and practices currently evolving on the web. It will explore the reflexive notion of ‘producing’ and ‘being produced by’ contemporary electronic culture. There will be an exposure to wikis, weblogs, flickr and other social software tools as well as the skills associated with them. At the start of the 2006 iteration of this course is an engagement with the New Forms Festival. Students will participate in the open source, open space and open community of the ArtCamp barcamp, to elicit conversation and feedback on projects that explore complexity, emergence and adaptive self-organizing systems.


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