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After you sign up here, put something down in Sessions about what you are going to do. One of the original BarCamp guidelines is 'three word intros'. Think: "Experimental Representational Systems". Think: "Curating Unstable Media". Think: "Edible Art". Think: "Robots and Performance". Think: "Contingency, Irony, Solidarity".

It would be great if you want to create an individual page so that we can see who you are. To do this, write your name putting the first and last together, and capitalize both names - (like KateArmstrong). This creates a new page automatically. Then, you click 'new page' and you can add what you want to say. Just an idea.

IMPORTANT: we need an email address so that we can communicate with you. Please add it or risk being out of la loop.


* KateArmstrong : kate at katearmstrong dot com

* Malcolm Levy : malcolm at newformsfestival dot com

* Kris Krug www.kriskrug.com :

* AlexBeim : alexbeim at gmail dot com

* Bernadine Fox : bfox at direct dot ca

* Susan Clements-Vivian : susan.clementsvivian at gmail dot com

* Caterina Fake : caterina at gmail

* Jhave : jhave2 at gmail

* Mark Cypher

* RichardWright: Richard Wright

* Victoria ScottSessions

* Lynne Sanderson

* Veronika Bökelmann

* Julien Clauss

* Isabelle Jenniches: ij at 9nerds dot com http://www.9nerds.com/isabelle/

* Bill Gibbens www.influency.com

* Jennifer Willet & Shawn Bailey

* Michael Tippett : mtippett at nowpublic dot com

* BenBogart ben {_at_} ekran.org

* Ian Bob (if I don't forget) : irm at sfu.ca

* Jamie Griffiths

* CamilleBaker : camib at eciad dot ca

* Mitchell Akiyama

* Douglas Benford

* Gerald/ine Fenderson (Product Of Neglect Art Collective Ltd.)

* JaleenGrove jaleengrove at excite dot com

* Mark Brady mbrady AT inter - mission DOT org

* Dinka Pignon : dinka_pignon at newformsfestival dot com

* chris ryan : mura_design at lycos dot com

* Andrew Klobucar and Dave Ayre www.grtlabs.com : aklobuca@capcollege.bc.ca

* Sean Arden: pardenarden at gmail dot com --> atomized.ca ---out of town cannot attend--

* Ben Nevile: ben.nevile@gmail.com

* Karolina Sobecka: karolina at flightphase dot com

* MondoSpider: jtippett at industrialus dot com

* Innes Yates: innes at bnode dot com

* Margo Collins margo@margonaut.com

* draggin ~ draggin at gmail dot com http://mycassettes.blogspot.com/

* James Phillips ~ jameswp67 at gmail dot com

* NiranjanRajah: niranjan@newformsfestival.com nrajah@sfu.ca

* Akash Murgai: akashm@sfu.ca

* Ricky Cheung: rcc2@sfu.ca

* Woojin Cho: woojinc@sfu.ca

* Krishna Patel: kpatel@sfu.ca

* Todd Baylis: tbaylis@sfu.ca

* Vicki Moulder: vmoulder@sfu.ca

* Brian Lamb brian.lambATubc.ca http://weblogs.elearning.ubc.ca/brian

* RolandTanglao | roland AT rolandtanglao.com http://www.rolandtanglao.com

* Jacqueline Nuwame jnuwame@cdnfilmcentre.com

* Carmen Mills carmen@emeraldcity.bc.ca

* Henry Tsang

* Sir Theodore Lucerne : www.productofneglect.com

* Sarah Kim missblissmusic at gmail.com

* SteveDiPaola : steve at dipaola dot org

* Romina Wendell www.spinningdrum.com

* Alejandra Anderson www.alejandraanderson.com

* Arnaldo Rodriguez www.arnaldorodriguez.com

* Amy Walker www.momentumplanet.ca self-propelled at telus dot net

* Joshua Tanenbaum www.thegeekmovement.com josh at thegeekmovement dot com

* Karen Tanenbaum www.thegeekmovement.com karen at thegeekmovement dot com

* Even www.divinereflections.ca sainteven at tribalharmonix dot org

* JesseGibson liquidturtle_7 at hotmail dot com

* Jean Tomceac jeanrtom@hotmail.com

* nima motamedi nma7 (at) sfu (dot)ca

* lisa stephenson lisas@aidsvancouver.org

* LianeDavison: artgallery@surrey.ca www.arts.surrey.ca

* 'd' brennan sushialista at gmail dot com

* Kelly Churko, adminassistant@front.bc.ca

* Kim Goodliffe, kgoodliffe@shawca

* Processing :: Open Source programming for Images, Animation and Sound :: TravisKirton, tkirton (at) gmail (dot) com


* Ian Wojtowicz, i a woj d com

* KirstenJohnson, kjohnson@sfu.ca

* Ryan, ryanbetts at gmail

* SaraGold princesstuppware at gmail dot com

* TopherZimmermann topherzee a gmail d com

* Aaron Levisohn alevisohn at gmail dot com

* Caleb, me at cpb dot com

* Katie Holmes me@katiemholmes.com

* Ava Famili mail@avafamili.com

*justin berger justinpaulberger at gmail dot com

* Beth Carruthers beth@bethcarruthers.com

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