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Project Two

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Identity Individual Blog



OBJECTIVE: to compare and contrast the physical, virtual, and psychological aspects of Blogging in the active development of a Blog. Using Blogging tools to create a compound or complex identity – merging your personal narrative with a chosen field of interest you have identified as your own.


Phase 1: Define Yourself Through Your Activities

Due Thursday Nov 02/06

Identify 3 interests, then select site to send blogs to and post this information including alias or user name to the class WIKI link from Phase 1: Define Yourself Through Your Activities



Phase 2 to 6: Blogs, Blogging and Final Essay

Due Thursday Dec 07/06 until 12:00AM

50% Reviews or comments on other students work.

50% Your blog entries and 250 word essay Phase 2 to 6: Blogs, Blogging and Final Essay



Blog Presentations

10% Bonus Mark for presenting a 10 minute introduction to a blog that interests you. Signup for a Blog Presentations

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