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Put the session you are planning here. This can be a good way to find people to help realize and execute the session. Be brief in your description. (By the way: if someone is already doing a session on a topic you'd like to explore, work together.)



  • THE MIMETICON - a Baroque search engine - Richard Wright
  • Happy Fun Ball - An interactive crowd toy - Alex Beim
  • ILLUSTRATION COLLABORATION - Let's illustrate a book/graphic novel/zine and e-publish it! JaleenGrove
  • my research and art projects in VJING and CELLPHONE VIDEO / NETWORKED PERFORMANCE (looking for participants and programmers). CamilleBaker
  • next-generation interface technology with application in music, images (Ben Nevile, Cycling '74)
  • sound-imagery-movement mashup ... and also a feast! site-contacts@influency.com would like to collaborate with a choreographer - please get in touch if you're interested in this.
  • Free & Open Source Software in Art Practice (What does "Free" mean anyway?) BenBogart
  • Modal Dialog interfaces as performance art
  • An Introduction to Pure-Data (What Miller S. Puckette has been spending his time on since the commercialization of MAX.) BenBogart
  • photoconceptualism and the moving image (honestly!) IsabelleJenniches http://www.9nerds.com/isabelle/inventory/call.html (Isabelle you're awesome! You are clearly the best person for this subject! - Kate)
  • POST-TRADITIONAL MEDIA - discussion - Niranjan Rajah, Nima Motamedi, Jhave Johnston, Kirsten Johnston, Efrat Ben-Yehuda, Josh Tanenbaum, Vicky Moulder -PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME AND JOIN US HERE *http://artcamp.pbwiki.com/PostTraditionalDiscussion
  • Situationism and the new baroque manifest
  • The Canadian Film Centre/Habitat New Media Lab will deliver a presentation on the current happenings, with discussion and talk - Jacqueline Nuwame
  • Susan Clements-Vivian Creating maps of movement (physical, mental, virtual) with soft fuzzy yarn. This would be a installation/performance (Situationist). Anyone interested in working on this? susan.clementsvivian@gmail.com
  • ~ OldskoolPhunk ~ makin mixapes then and now. - add your tracks to the OldskoolTracklist ; (with touches sucked from the maw of thrift shop found blank cassette k7 enigma recordings) draggin, james, brian
  • socially antisocial; an introduction to the dork date - Even
  • control in interactive art; a guided discussion on what image processing technology is available and what you can do with it (bring examples of interaction projects you find interesting) - Even
  • TechLab at the Surrey Art Gallery - presentation on past programming and discussion about opportunities needed by artists to develop and exhibit their work with Liane Davison
  • LRIF: A Framework for Low Resource Improvisational Filmmaking - Josh & Karen Tanenbaum
  • Japanese Noise Music Scene - Kelly Churko
  • Processing - digital sketching and visuals tkirton(at)gmail.com
  • EMERGENCE/COMPLEXITY PROJECT WIKI (Online Only)- Niranjan Rajah, Vicki Moudler - Coursework for IAT401 SIAT, SFU Surrey - http://artcamp.pbwiki.com/Emergence%20Complexity%20WIKI
  • !forgive! I'm new at this. I'd like to do "deconstructing the artist's statement" – you bring yours and we'll put it in plain language. Instead, I may just do a roaming interview about the collaborative process. - Amy Walker
  • Walk: Psychogeographical exploration of the Great Northern Way Campus (formerly the Finning tractor plant) and some of its strange (abandoned, emerging, almost-in-use permutations - Kate Armstrong
  • "Unpacking your Laptop" - a show and tell collaborative performance and collage. Bring your laptop, your media and let's remix our digital sediment in realtime. - Ian Wojtowicz
  • The IntelliChime: Exploring a Conversation Model of Information Retrieval Using Gestural Interaction



Here are some possible ideas for sessions - just to get you in the mindset.


*Art 2.0: Contemporary art practice meet Web 2.0. Web 2.0, meet contemporary art practice.

*Hands-on-Theory//Point and Click: Here at ArtCamp we would like to see the theory and practice brought together. Show us what you can do with this idea.

*Shortcuts//Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier about Photoshop, Jitter, Movable Type, Maintaining a Mailing List, Running a non-profit, drawing, performing naked, Whutevah

*Produce ArtCamp T-shirts.

*Edible art projects (there is a kitchen at the ArtCamp space)

*knitting (We love offline algorithms, especially when they are soft and woolly)


*audio mixing

*how to: silkscreen

*how to: read your audience

*how to: make a map of the world

*DIY anything

*Community everything

* Transfer collage ideations

*DIY sushi algorithms

*Realtime How-to VJ session

*How to think about infinity

*Photoconceptualism and the moving image

*perhaps... someone to do live streaming or some way for participants in other countries to participate online. (I love this idea. How about a Skype performance? Kate)

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