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The Venue


The Big:


-35 x 35 feet

-seats @ 70




-long tables & chairs straight out of a Dallas boardroom

-“The Side” is along one side of “The Big”


The Side:


This space is actually connected to “The Big”.



-small fridge

-couches etc

-seats about 15



The Breakout:


-small boardroom style


-seats @ 15

-acoustically challenged (near offices). Probably you will want to set up your sound installation elsewhere.


The Lounge:


-is upstairs

-25 x 25 feet

-seats @ 45

-tables, chairs, café setting




The Others


Other Miscellaneous Spaces in the venue include: an entranceway as you come in, lots of long, weird hallways, parking lots, stairwells, and a groovy little outdoor patio upstairs.



These are the spaces in the Great Northern Way Campus area where ArtCamp will be held. The signup board will be divided by area and timeslot, so when you arrive you can sign up for (for example, 1130-12 in "The Big")

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